Firefox Private Browsing Causes ‘Script Panel was inactive during page load’ Message in Firebug

I recently upgraded to the new version of the Firebug plugin on Firefox. When I did, every time I brought up the Firebug Scripts panel it displayed the same message: “Script Panel was inactive during page load.”

I would click the button to “Activate Firebug for the selected tab”, and the page would refresh, but I would then see the same Script Panel message as before.

After some searching on the interwebs I found out it was because I had Private Browsing enabled in Firefox. I didn’t even realize it; I had set it to not remember or keep any history but Firefox treats that setting as a private browsing session.

Once I disabled the Private Browsing feature in Firefox, my Firebug Scripts panel worked again.

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Firefox Private Browsing Causes ‘Script Panel was inactive during page load’ Message in Firebug | Alpha Papa Hotel…

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Firefox Private Browsing Causes ‘Script Panel was inactive during page load’ Message in Firebug | Alpha Papa Hotel…

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Firefox Private Browsing Causes ‘Script Panel was inactive during page load’ Message in Firebug | Alpha Papa Hotel…

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I dont see option for private browsing in ff 3.6

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